On Tuesday, we’ll reveal our first video for “WELCOME TO THIS NIGHTMARE”!

The first song by Immunity For The Masses, founded during the current lockdown and defying all laws of the industry by writing, full production and video clip in only 2 weeks from remote locations! “WELCOME TO THIS NIGHTMARE” will be available on Tuesday 12/05 on YouTube and all streaming platforms. Music: Julien SpreutelsGuitar Arrangements: Francesco MatteiLyrics: David ReadmanProduced by Immunity For The Masses and mixed mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio.Artwork: Nicolas Spreutels David […]

IMMUNITY FOR THE MASSES The British-born singer, David Readman (PINK CREAM 69), was feeling the strain of the global COVID-19 epidemic that erupted in the spring of 2020. After having lived in Germany, the now Dutch-resident perceived what he thought to be the unthinkable – the demise of the music industry as a whole. Perhaps unsurprisingly to those who know Readman, his reaction was typical: he decided it was time to write some songs.Armed with a fresh batch […]

Hi folks hope your all well with all this stupid covid 19 nonsense?

Hi Folks yes, very sad days indeed….as you can see all my dates in the Gig section are more or less canceled…. Let’s hope that the end of the year, 2021 will be more like normal…

TANK in the UK!



Please welcome our two new members – Marco Wriedt on guitar and Roman Beselt on bass.

Please welcome our two new members – Marco Wriedt on guitar and Roman Beselt on bass.Alfred Koffler: “It wasn‘t a long search! And it was an easy decision. Marco is the perfect fit for the band – as a friend and as a musician. I can see only smiling faces in the band and around. Marco has been there for us years ago on tour with Helloween and Stratovarius as a temporary replacement for Uwe […]